Australia Photos


August 21-24, 2001 / September 7-October 12, 2001

December 3, 2000 - February 27, 2002

Cairns     Alice Springs     Red Center     West MacDonnell Ranges     Kakadu


Katherine     Litchfield     Darwin     Kununurra     Bungle Bungles     Fitzroy Crossing     


Geike Gorge     Broome     Karijini National Park     Pilbara Region     Coral Bay     Monkey Mia     


Shark Bay     Kalbarri National Park     Perth     Adelaide     Kangeroo Island     Tasmania     


Hobart     Lake St. Claire       Cradle Mountain     Bicheno     Port Arthur     Hobart     Melbourne     


Perth     Margaret River     Albany     Hyden     Perth     Melbourne     


Sydney     Brisbane     Byron Bay     Cairns




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Aboriginals playing the Yerike or Didjeridoo to pay respect to the earth, moon and sky.

Aboriginal Art



Aboriginal paintings: This top paintings show hunters & gatherers and the one below shows waterholes, potatoes, snakes, emu tracks and plantlife

Kata Juta or The Olgas- aboriginal for many heads. The Anangu (traditional owners) whose ancestors lived in the area over 10,000 years held this area of vital cultural and religious significance. There are 36 domes and they stand an amazing 1,701 ft. high

Close ups of Kata Juta


Uluru or Ayers Rock

The Worlds Largest Monolith

Here are four of the many shades of Uluru taken only minutes apart at sunset.

Uluru is a magnetic mound over 1,043 ft high. It is disrespectful to climb the rock so I opted for the 5-mile walk around it learning about "dreamtime".

The walk was amazing with its stories of ancient times and traditions and unique rock formations, caves and gaping holes


Kings Canyon was an excruciating hike up to the top, but I made it just for the picture!

An amazing rock wall at Kings Canyon

Simpson's Gap in the West MacDonnell's National Park. I saw rock wallaby's here. A small cousin to the kangeroo.

What a perfect shot of this hungry Croc


20-Shade Ochre Pit which aboriginals use for art and ceremonial body painting


A Baby, Endangered, Flightless Cassowary

One of many termite mounds in Litchfield National Park. They are magnetic and very thin. They maintain a cool temperature year round. During wet season, the termites live in the mound and dry season underground.

Canoeing in Nitmuluk National Park to see the famous 13 sandstone gorges.



Bungle Bungles: Beehive Mounds striped in orange silica and black lichen sandstone in Purnululu National Park in the Kimberley region in Western Australia

Fern Pool in Karijini National Park. 30 minutes later, I was swimming in the cold pool below.

This was Desert Rose and I was camping in a tent under this spectacular sky

Knok Gorge. It was a scary climbing to this limb but I wanted the picture. Now how did I get out? we also did the crab shuffle through narrow rock wall passages.

Swimming in the very cold Handrail Pool at the end of Miracle Mile which was treacherous. It tested all of your physical limits.

Swimming with Manta Rays for an hour in Coral Bay. There was a family of three that just hung around.


4-Wheel Quad to Oyster Bay. I was having a blast, going a bit to fast and failed to see the sand wall drop. Outcome: the bike fell on top of me, ripped my pants and caused a large burn all down my leg. Ouch!

Oyster Bay: The Final Destination for sunset

Some enjoyed the feast. Not me...Yuck!

Horny Devil Lizard

Denham's Stromatolites

1st producers of oxygen in the world

Murchison Gorge at Kalbarri National Park

Smile but don't fall...

Kalbarri's Nature's Window

Have to have some fun pictures

A Quokka on Rottnest Island outside of Perth

The first natives thought these to be huge rats and called it Rattnest Island. They were very cute.

Pinnacles Desert in Cervantes' Nambung National Park. These are limestone pillars and some have unmistakable shapes.



Kangeroo Island's Remarkable Rocks at Kirkpatrick's Point. There are clusters of large, weather sculpted granite boulders on a huge dome that touches the sea.

The Australian Kangeroo


Pygmy Copperhead Austrelaps labialis


 A Rare Albino Echidna

He sucks up his food like a Hoover.

 Koala-Don't let it fool you (They are not as cute and nice as they look)

 Tasmania Devil - Pretty Fierce little Guy

 Winston the Wombat - My Favorite Australian Animal

 Look at Winston's toes. I loved holding him.

 An Adelaide Sunset

 Inside the trunk of a giant tree. This is one of many at The Valley of the Giants. The tree trunks are as large as 52 1/2 ft around. I also did the famous Tree Top walk.

 Gloucester Tree - The highest fire lookout tree in the world. It is a Karri tree and overlooks Pemberton. There are 153 metal rungs to climb to get to the platform standing almost 200 feet above the ground. I stayed on the ground to feed the birds. I  hate blisters.

Elephant Rocks at William Bay National Park in Denmark near Albany in the Southwest. Climbing this slippery rock was the hard part. Diving into the freezing water wasn't so bad. Climbing the rocks back to shore landed me in the emergency room as a Barnacle decided to take out a chunk of my big toe. I had great medical care by the way.

Wave Rock near Hyden closest to Perth. It is almost 50 feet high & 361 ft long. This crystallized granite was formed 2,700 million years ago. It was originally an underground monolith. The orange is a chemical reaction between granite and water. The black is remnants of blue-green algae & the rest is the flowing rain & water over the years. This is one of my favorite places I've seen.

My favorite world Icon. The Sydney Opera House. I spent so much time at The Rocks at night just to see it. It was pretty magical.

The Sydney Harbor Bride. I did the 3 1/2 hour climb for my 36th birthday. The summit stands  440ft over the water. That is the same distance as my highest bungee jump. Well the cord was 440ft. I was 1800 ft over a ravine far below. (see pic in New Zealand)


The Sydney Skyline 

Dramatically set on the Eastern Headland of Circular Quay. Palm Fronds inspired the shell-roofs and sail-like structures. Began in 1959 by Danish architect Joern Utzon who quit in 1966 in disgust vowed never to return and he has not. He started it as a $7million project and it ended up $102million. It was finished in 1973. It is quite a structure.


 I Opted For a Sunset Climb

I saw the view during daylight which was great...


 We were at the top when the city lights came on and got to stay on top for sunset. What a feeling!


The Fierce Komodo Dragon


A Nepalese Red Panda


Abseiling for the first time at Jenolan Caves to start my first caving experience.


How will I get through this? 

Push a little bit harder...


...Did it!


12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. Only 8 of these remaining rock stacks can be seen in Port Campbell National Park. As you can see, it was a very windy and rainy day. This was the best pic I could get.

Just one of the magnificent views along The Great Ocean Road. Mind you, this is only minutes down the road from the last shot and the weather was perfect. Go figure. 


"The Crocodile Hutner" - This is Steve Irwins zoo outside of Brisbane. He was there filming but I did not get to see him. There was a great Croc show though. We all oohed and aahed.  

A Rare Albino Kangeroo. Looks like Kangeroo Jack.



An Australian Dingo (wild dog) I had an encounter with one while camping around 3:30 am while in the bushes. Tough to go to sleep after that.


The Kuranda Scenic Railway. A windy 21 mile route from Cairns to Kuranda. It took 5 years to build and was opened in 1891. We traveled through 5 tunnels and climbed around 984 feet.


Practicing my boomerang skills. 

(I am quite good I may add)


At Cape Tribulation bats just hanging around


Strangulation Trees. This is one of the only forests in the world that touches a beach. Quite a contrast of scenery. 


This was a Kangeroo, Crocodile and Emu Feast.


A great last day on the amphibious Aussie Duck. We rode around the city for an hour quacking at onlookers and then look at our harbor entry splash for the harbor cruise. It "Quacked" me up.


Steph was my favorite Quacker!