Fiji Photos

November 22 - December 1, 2001

Nadi     Yasawa Islands



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Rusi & Laisa at the Kalevu Cultural Center


Weapons & Cannibal Forks - I have a cannibal fork hanging on my wall at home


A Native Baby Parrot of Kadavu


Hotel View


Lovo Meke Feast & Cultural Show


I got up and danced with these guys.


Malolo Island


Yanuya Island on the Seaspray Sailing Adventure


Some school kids I played with.


Gorgeous Fiji Islands & Water


Castaway Island where the movie was filmed.


Sunset at the Sheraton Villas Lobby (My Hotel)


Canoeing at Tivoa Island


Yaqona or Kava-Root of pepper tree is served in a Tanoa (large) wood Vesi Bowl. It was a Kava Festival.


It is rude to not accept the drink. It is disgusting. Yuck! It makes your tongue numb and can make you feel a bit drugged in quantity.


Fiji Women at the festival


A Blue Starfish I found while snorkeling


Village girl's school


More students I met


Beautiful Island with Basalt Columns


Bread Fruit Tree


A Local Church


Hut with ceremonial Garamut Drum to gather the villagers


A baby playing a Garamut Drum


Selling Local Crafts


Ship Staff I hung out with


A Chiefs Home


Inside the Chiefs Home


More beautiful Islands


Captain Cook Cruise


Brother's Island


Some Last Minute Snorkeling