The Emerald Isle



Another island to explore,

One I hadnít seen before,

Green mountains & pastures full of cow and sheep,

With images and memories dear to keep.


Castles, cathedrals & pubs galore,

Fantastic adventures but still wanted more.


At Cliffs of Moher the first rains did fall,

At the Giantís Causeway, I thought Iíd seen it all.


Pure beauty, serenity at natures best,

Could sit there for hours but not time for rest.


A bus full of strangers growing closer each day,

With laughter & memories every step of the way.


Some loved the history, the landscapes, the sea,

Some loved the shopping, and rocks most, like me.


The cliffs at Dingle stand out the most,

The serenity while sitting overlooking the coast.


But what will be in my heart forever more,

Was the Waterford man that made my heart soar.


All it took was a glance across a crowded room,

A smile that made me blush,

Then over I went and he said hello,

And I followed him into the rush.


Not exactly sure what made such an impression,

Maybe his smile, his kisses or his earnest confessions.


Irish pride, Iíd heard of it before,

His stories, sincerity left me wanting to hear more.


We talked and we laughed his hand placed on mine,

What was I thinking, we didnít have enough time.


The sun came up and we said goodbye,

Till Dublin then, I just wanted to cry.




So on with the tour as I thought about him,

I was encouraged by all to go out on a limb.


So not having a concrete itinerary,

I backtracked to Waterford and started out on my way.


With only a name and a picture or two,

I sought out for the man,

Who made my heart feel like new.


I thought how can I find one man in this town,

Perseverance, determination and not to get let down.


Some people said no, and some said not sure,

Then sure enough, one woman opened the door.


One lead to another and I knew I was close,

But what would I say or what would he say most?


Now six hours later after starting my quest,

It was finally time to put our feelings to the test.


With butterflies fluttering all deep inside,

There he was in the gym, he made my smile so wide.


He was taken aback and quite shocked indeed,

My smile faded slowly and I felt quite in need.


What had I done, I wasnít quite sure,

My eyes welled up I wanted to run out of the door.


The shock wore off, I was welcomed again,

We drove off together and went for a spin.


Then I finally got a kiss at the door,

Then remembered what I had come back here for.


He picked me up later to show me some sites,

We saw Dunmore and Tramore,

he went to great heights.







We saw beautiful white waves,

On big rocky cliffs crashing,

We saw boats at the dock,

The scenery was quite smashing.


He took me to Metal Man,

On top of a cliff and explained,

What the Irish believe and it started to rain.


Dance around it holding hands three times legend says,

You will marry that person and he just held my hand.


Then three things he said made me know I was right,

For being with him there in the still of the night.


He said I thought of you each day of the week,

When those words came out, I just couldnít speak.


Itís like we were made to fit into each other,

He said later on and it made my heart flutter.


Then the last thing he said,

That Iíll never forget,

Was ďI could really love youĒ,

It was fate that we met.


We made a connection only few rarely make,

But over it was, my heart only ached.


Earlier I told him my dream of the perfect mate,

To be protected and safe whether day or late.


In turn I would love him, encourage and praise,

But all of that now is just lost in a haze.


Holding me tight in his arms the first night.

The memories we made together,

Hearing him say over and over again,

I could stay like this with you forever.


The second night was over and we parted again,

He said Iíll ring you tomorrow so we said until then.



The perfect ideal that I have in my mind,

Would be to answer the phone when he rings me at five.


Before I can speak he says be ready by seven,

I have a night for us planned that will put you in heaven.


Iíll take you to dinner and a night out on the town,

Our last night together and I wonít let you down.


We have a special place to go at the end of the night,

A place just for two to love all night, just right.


No rush in the morning, we can lay there and kiss,

Till we are ready to part with feeling to miss.


Then a grand idea on Sat. morn.,

Take Carly on a drive along the shore.


Kilkenny then Dublin what a great day for me,

The three of us together just as sweet as can be.


But skeptical I am as I have these great thoughts,

Will it happen this way,

My stomach was tied up in knots.


No reasons to worry, what will be will be,

No regrets or sadness, Iíll not look behind me.


He rang the next day, sure enough prompt at five,

Asked did I still want to see him,

Why of course, I replied.


Having no idea what the night had in store,

I dressed all in black and headed out of the door.


Sitting there in his car, Prompt again he was,

Then off we went to a small town New Ross.


I loved how he chose where weíd go for the night,

I felt good in his hands, safe, secure and just right.


To spend time with me, he made all of the plans,

It made me feel great just to be holding his hands.




So the perfect night that I had in my mind,

Was coming true no need to look behind.


We talked and we laughed and again words he said,

Will stay in my memory, my heart and my head.


He said heíd lost his appetite,

I think we both knew that this whole thing was right.


He said he wanted to give me some photos of him,

Of Carly his daughter but forgot them in a whim.


So he said Iíll write you straight away,

Iíll enclose the photos, this was just his kind way.


He came up with ways to keep in touch,

Heíd join an internet cafť, and that meant so much.


He said he had thoughts of landing in L.A.,

Me at the airport ready to show him the way.


He said I felt beautiful and kissing me was lovely,

Traveled around the world for something meant to be.


I thought heíd arrive waiting to see what would be,

After seeing all the pretty L.A. girls,

He wouldnít long for me.


You can take the man out of the country,

But not the country out of the man,

He tried to assure me as he just held my hand.


He said you donít know me at all then I see,

Iím an Irish gentleman, loyal and faithful is me.


I look at a heart, whatís inside is what counts,

A barbie doll figure and face doesnít weigh an ounce.


In the morning, all night, we held side by side,

Time to leave again, my eyes open wide.


He assured me weíd see each other again,

I knew he was right, we just didnít know when.




Tomorrow is a possibility,

He and Carly in Kilkenny for lunch just for three.


As I sit on the bus to Kilkenny and write,

Will he be at the station I hope with all my might.


Not sure what it is maybe the sound of his voice,

The look in his eye, I donít seem to have a choice.


Heís not overwhelming with words of praise,

But sincere and true with his sweet charming ways.


So in Ireland for another four nights,

What will happen who knows,

But it will all turn out right.


My marathon tomorrow, prepared Iím not sure,

But Iíll give it my all from the time out the door.


No word from him still, surprised yes I was,

I thought heíd call to wish luck, to call just because.


Marathon finished I crossed the line,

6 Ĺ hours was my successful time.


Overwrought with emotion, joy and pain,

I collapsed at the finish and was carried away,


The accomplishment felt was like never before,

I did it, I finished, I opened yet another door.


Although I was thrilled, I was lonely still,

No one to share with or praise my strong will.


Nothing was going to stop me that day,

Not Lupus, exhaustion,

Mom would carry me the whole way.


But all the while I wanted Derek to call,

To ask how I was, I just wanted it all.






But the call didnít come as I lay there alone,

I was proud, sad and lonely as I lay watching the phone.


So, Tuesday was time to explore Dublin some more,

But I called Derek first I couldnít take anymore.


I left a message and went on my way,

But with little spirit, I moped all day.


I didnít want to be counting on him so much,

I was without logic, all I could feel was his touch.


I walked into my room and looked right at the phone,

The red light was flashing I didnít feel so alone.


Nervous to hear who the message was from,

Sure enough it was Derek and my body went numb.


Heíd call back at five, but later at eight,

I was lying in bed, what happened to fate.


I didnít want to get out of bed,

Only two days left and thought only of words heíd said.


The phone finally rang, I was ready to cry,

Didnít he care enough to call, I didnít ask why?


He said there were words left to say,

But on the phone wasnít right,

I said, Iím still in your country,

So he chose to drive through the night.


I sat in the pub with the folks from my team,

He walked in Ĺ past eleven, his smile like a bright beam.


The wait was over and there he was,

No calls didnít matter now, in Dublin he was.


The words that he spoke meant so much to me,

Loving and filled with sincerity.


He said heís already cried over me,

He said this wasnít supposed to happen you see.



He said he had thoughts of him cooking for me,

He in the kitchen, me on the couch watching T.V.


But when Derek took my Claddaugh ring off of me,

And turned it around so the heart I did see.


I knew all the time I was thinking of him,

Was not in vain at all, now, I could really love him.


He held me so tight our last night together,

Iím sure we both felt we could stay there forever.


He opened up and shared more of his life with me,

Friendship and trust growing, it was just meant to be.


So with only four days with this man in my life,

My independence was shrinking to my dismay and strife.


So now I would have to board the plane

Back towards home,

With memories so fond, I could write a long poem.


My vacation may have changed my life forever more,

Iíll always think of Ireland,

Where my heart learned to soar.


The memories I hold most dear to my heart,

Start with Robert, Charlotte and Molly,

Who I hated to part.


We had so many laughs and stories to tell,

I miss them all, I hope theyíre all well.


Iíll remember Ruby, Walt and Daphne too,

I really started to care about all of you.


Al and Helen, what can I say,

You made me laugh every step of the way.


Roger and Dora I loved sitting by you,

Always a good time on the bus with you two.






May and Dallas, you inspire me,

I hope I find happiness like you, as two can be.


I returned to the states and received a call straight away,

From the man that I met so very far away.


Derek rang me so quickly, I knew I was right,

When I said Iíd go be with him,

When he called me that night.


You see, Ireland holds a part of my heart,

So I must go back and give myself a new start.


So, December 19th will start a whole life anew,

In Waterford, with my man that is true.


On a plane I will travel away from my home,

My family, my cats, my friends just to roam.


Derek I know will take care of me,

A new life ahead, possibly a new family.


Heís looking now for a house to live in,

I canít believe it, how did I win.


Iíll be with Derek for some great holidays,

Christmas, New Years, my birthday

And Valentines Day.


Iíll be there in March for St. Patrickís Day too,

To celebrate with some real, traditional Irish stew.


After spending four months abroad together,

Iím sure weíll know our next step forever.


I donít know what will happen you see,

All I know is I care about Derek and me.


If I donít take the chance to love him now,

Iíll regret it with all of my heart,

Heís asked for me to be with him there,

So now, Iíll do my part.




Just another adventure in my world,

The ending known, not yet,

Iím jumping in with both my feet,

Donít feel the need for a net.


Derek my dear, youíve inspired me,

To write this for us, for our future family.


Whatever happens Iíll always be,

Grateful to the Waterford man that made me see,


That happiness can be mine as well,

With a beautiful, loving story for all to tell.


I can not wait to be in your arms,

I know you are the way,

To success and a life of happiness,

Iíll be with you less than one month away.