Papua New Guinea Photos

August 24 - September 7, 2001

Port Moresby    Madang    Kar Kar    Lower Sepik    Angoram    Mendan    


Ben    Pankin    Boisa    Goroka    Mt. Hagen    Tari





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Port Moresby Museum



Class Fieldtrip to the Museum

They begged me to take their picture.


The Madang Market.

The baby kept waiving till I finally came over.



Local Market Selling Beetlenut

Which Stains the Teeth Red


Balek Village



Watching the Villagers at Play on a Hot Day




Old Japanese Mitsubishi Bomber from 1944

This is just where it landed and it is preserved




MTS Discover

This Ship Cruises the Sepik River



Village Along the Sepik River





Kar Kar Island

I flew by helicopter to the island from Madang



New homes built on stilts 

to protect them from high tide



Gaubin Hospital Recovery Room on 

Kar Kar Island



Kar Kar High School: I taught the kids Ring Around the Rosies, Red Rover and Duck, Duck, Goose. Then we sand our National Anthems and they laughed  when I couldn't hit the high notes.


A Sing-Sing on Sarang Island with a 

Bamboo Band. I danced alot.





I was honored with the special woven headdress

by the villagers.



Handicrafts from the Mendam Village along the Sepik I came home with a very cool cane.



Local Transport on a Dug-Out Canoe



Famous Storyboards - This artwork tells stories & Fables of the past that are passed on through generations


A Local Mask. Notice the extensive details.



Mendam Villagers Saying Goodbye



Angoram Villagers Performing Traditional Dance




Having my face painted with mud clay.

It was great on my skin.


The final product took about 40 minutes. The necklace is worn during wedding ceremonies and I brought it home with me.



Bien Village Children and their Native Dance





Bien Village Community School

The kids were very proud of their tablets and essay books and wanted me to see their work.



They take much pride in their school work and they love to share what they are learning.




Kids learn very young how to navigate the river.



Pankin Village along the Sepik




Boisa Village along the Lower Sepik



Making friends with the locals.



Goroka - Eastern Highlands very colorful market.



Komenive Village

The round houses are for men and rectangular are for women.


Goroka - Mondo Village - Asaro Mudmen

This could be the most famous tribe in PNG. They are only found in Goroka. Legend says they were defeated into the Asaro River by enemies. When they emerged covered in mud, the enemy fled for fear the spirits had come to get them.


This mask of clay was so heavy,

I could barely keep my head straight.







Mt. Hagen - Western Highlands

Colorful Local Market


They love having their pictures taken.





Tari - Southern Highlands

Traditional Vine Bridge



Local Villager trying to sell bows & arrows

to bring money to his family.



Playing darts is a local pasttime.



Grave sight for a village chief or a healer.



Poroba Village - Huli Wigmen

They grow their hair to make wigs


The wigs are carefully formed and covered with red clay



They wanted my hair for their newest wig design.




I'll try one more time... Oh, why bother?

Well, it made them laugh really hard. I tried my best too!


A Modern Toilet



Luma Village - Chief



Wayaga the Clan Wife Working Hard in the Field






Pailara is the helper in the fields and the second wife. She is carrying the very heavy Billum bag on her head.



Lilena is the second child and walking her pig.



The family - Turume - Oldest Daughter, Wayaga - Wife, Elisa, Lilena - Second Daughter, Yabiria - Father, Aeana - Baby Boy


Tari Colorful Market and a bit overwhelming




It is common to see men holding hands and showing affection all over the country. They are open about their emotions and friendships.



These are men from the Burumai Village in the East Sepik and they are wearing Penis Gords. This is actually a postcard photo. The grander the shape, the more it is admired.


Don't mess with me!



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