Antarctica Awaits

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Visit Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia, the Arctic & more!
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Join the expedition trip of a lifetime! Journey through the raw wilderness of rich white landscapes.
Relish vast, pristine scenery as you kayak the great seas of the Antarctic and camp on the ice.
Playful penguins will make your heart sing and your feet dance. Call to book today!

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Mountain reflected in Cervia Cove DG_ANT12-13_ASH01746 (1) The ship Akademik Ioffe at Portal Point

Antarctica – Off the Beaten Track – 12 nights  Mountain reflected in Cervia Cove.                      Photo by David McGonigal
Antarctic Peninsula Adventure – 10 nights      Photo by Daisy Gilardini
Antarctic Peninsula Explorer – Falkland Islands – 10 nights The Ship Akademik Ioaffe at Portal Point. Photo by Daisy Gilardini