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Helicopter to Kar Kar – Papua New Guinea

Preparing to leave the Los Angeles heat, I packed up my gear, my peanut butter and guidebook and was off

Pooped On By a Gorilla in the Jungles of Uganda

Dreams give hope and meaning. We cannot thrive without them. When you finally come face-to-face with a long time dream,

Rafting the Nile in Uganda – Surviving “The Bad Place”

Rafting the Nile in Uganda – Surviving the Bad Place Journal Entry January 15, 2009 – My 43rd Birthday This entry

Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

     Photos courtesy of Trip Advisor Vist the colorful and festive Paro and Thimphu Festivals for the ultimate cultural experience!

Antarctica Awaits – It is a Journey of a Lifetime!

   For the Journey of a Lifetime! Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Segey Vavilov Visit Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia, the Arctic