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Experience the raw wilderness. Come face-to-face with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla in Uganda or Rwanda. Track tigers on elephant back in India. Balloon over the Serengeti. Spot a sleeping sloth in Costa Rica. What animal do you long to see in the wild? More »

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San Diego Adventures

WHAT NOT TO MISS IN SAN DIEGO! Our visit to San Diego will be April 25 – April 28 so please check back to hear all of the exciting details. There are so many wonderful activities, it is hard to choose

Spring Adventures in Sedona

SPRING ADVENTURES IN SEDONA I set off for my relaxing vacation and had a vision, “Spring in Sedona”. Relax among the red sandstone rock formations and sit in a jacuzzi and enjoy some down time. The beauty of travel is

Determined to Ride an Ostrich – Oudtshoorn South Africa

Determined to Ride an Ostrich – Oudtshoorn South Africa Hello Everyone, I realized I had not said Happy New Year to everyone in my last email. So, happy 2009! (Originally sent on Jan 25) I am on my last night of

Rafting the Nile in Uganda

Rafting the Nile in Uganda – Surviving the Bad Place Journal Entry January 15, 2009 – My 43rd Birthday This entry will be short as it is my birthday and I have a full day ahead. But after yesterday, I needed

Hit By a Gorilla in the Wild

HIT BY A GORILLA IN THE WILD Dreams give hope and meaning. We cannot thrive without them. When you finally come face-to-face with a long time dream, you never quite know how much it will impact you. On the 5th

Carnival Triumph Eastern Caribbean Talent Show Poem

The Carnival Triumph Written by Elisa Kotin and Jeff   It’s a story, Of the Carnival Triumph, That was sailing on October 25th, There were three stops, In the Caribbean, Will it be love or myth?   So the singles