Elisa Kotin and The World Traveled

Interviews & Media Credits


Travel Tales Podcast – Live Podcast Interview with Mike Siegel 10.4.18 12:00 pm

VoyageLA – Online Magazine Interview

JohnnyJet Travel Style – Online Travel Information Site

Adventurers Club – Presented “The Real Indonesia” – Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and West Papua Indonesia

Adventurers Club – Presented “Venturing Through the Jungles of Uganda & Rwanda in search of Gorillas in the Wild”

Travel Massive – An online travel networking portal

L.A. Times – Notice of Uganda Slideshow presentation 

KPCC & Travelers Century Club – The Worlds Most Traveled Gather for Gorilla Trekking Presentation

Adventure 16 – Antarctica Presentation Listed in the L.A. Times

Firetalk Interview How it all started & a great story of a Matriarch in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Jewish JournalElisa Kotin from the World Traveled interviews Lisa Niver from WeSaidGoTravel Travel Talk: How to Travel Smart and Save Money!!