9/11/01 – My Letter Home From Australia

Subj: My feelings about the U.S. attack
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001 2:56:57 AM
From: wrldtrvlrr@hotmail.com

Hello everyone,

I don’t know where to start. I am so sorry and devastated to hear about the
attack in The United States. I was in the desert when it happened and heard
about it the next day. It was obviously overwhelming and I thought I was
being teased when people bombarded me with scattered bits of information
until I saw the first photos on the news. I just started crying as I am
tearing as I write this. This is really the first chance I have had to sit
down and type a letter home. I’m sorry it is coming so late. The fact I am
traveling does not diminish for one moment the seriousness of what is taking
place at home. I am concerned and don’t know what to expect or what will
happen. I am not able to get all of the current news so I only get bits and
pieces. That is hard for me. Sometimes ignorance is not bliss.

All Americans have been affected, but I am especially sorry for any of you
that were more closely and directly affected by this despicable act of
terrorism. As I see people coming together in this country, I am sure that
support is being extended to each of you there.

I seem to be very emotional about it, as I feel very disconnected because I
am so far away. Although, there is a great deal of support expressed by all
Australians, overwhelming actually, it is not the same as being home with my
friends who are my family to console and share concerns with. At times I
feel a bit on my own. Church services and candle ceremonies have been held
throughout the country and so much more. People hear me speaking and come to
shake my hand to offer their sympathies. I break out into tears sporadically
and noone shows anything but support.

The world can seemingly become rather small when such a tragedy occurs and
people of all creeds, colors and race come together and unite. It is a shame
that such a disgraceful act is what it takes for that to happen. It goes to
show that each day is one that is unpredictable and we should never take for
granted those that we love, care about and just touch in our lives even if
only for a moment. So, with that I say, I really care about each one of you
and wish only the best for you all.

Australia has had several breakdowns since the attack as well. Ansett, their
major airline after Qantas has been grounded. No more planes are flying for
them at all. All Ansett ticket holders must file claims with travel
insurance companies. It is terrible. People all over the country are stuck
and can’t return home. Their economy is suffering drastically because of
this. The US dollar now buys AU $1.97.

I have been staying in Darwin for several days as I was not able to get a
flight out so I finally got a seat on a 10-hour bus to continue down the
West Coast which I will start tomorrow.

Well, I just wanted to extend my deepest sympathies and concerns to you all.
I am truly grateful for all of you that have written to me to keep me
informed of what is tragically happening back home. I am going to a part of
the country that news will be hard to keep on top of. I’m not so sure I will
have internet access either but it is always good to have mail waiting in my
mailbox from the people I most care about and that is you!

Always in my thoughts and prayers,



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