A Dream in the Making – Dec 31, 2011

What a step to take on New Years Eve. I bet thousands like me are contemplating their previous year asking what they can do differently to make a difference in the coming year. Me personally, I have been dreaming of creating the best travel blog ever. Of course, how could that ever happen when all the great travel blogs are already created. All the great travel personalities have already been discovered. There is no room for an average, older traveler like me…. Is there? Well, I am tired of pre-deciding this type of information. I cut myself off before ever trying so today is the first step. If Julie could do it, so can I. Julie and Julia is on right now in the background. You don’t think I was motivated all on my own do you? So, feeling a bit sorry for myself as I am in pain trying to recover from having my diseased Gallbladder removed on Thursday, I thought I would try and do something that may be considered remotely productive today. So, here I am.

I am going to try and share some of my experiences with you, my new readers and followers. My goal will be to motivate, educate and inspire travelers from all walks of life to seek new adventures in lands far beyond your wildest comprehension. I will show you how wonderful the world has been to me.

You can do it regardless of age, color, religious belief, background, handicap, physical disabilities. All it takes is a true desire, motivation, dedication, diligence to save and a yearning, burning desire to explore.

Actually, those help but I didn’t really have any of those beyond curiosity when I started. So, that is the starter. Curiosity. That’s it. You have that, don’t you?

Have you ever wondered what it would look like, feel like, taste like, smell like? What if, could I, would I ever do that? All great questions. Challenge yourself and join me on my journeys. Elisa’s Journeys was a site I started so many years ago. I have so much to do on that site and I will in time.

I can’t wait to share with you and I can’t wait for you to share with me.

I started in 1989. I set off with a backpack filled with huge bottles of liquid soap and shampoo because I guess I thought I would not find that in Europe. More on that later. I started with a 2-month trip to Europe and saw 10 countries. I was young, ignorant and foolish and it started a path that would give my life meaning and purpose because before that trip, I was a lost, sad and depressed young lady of 23.

So, 67 countries and 6 continents later, I am trying to now discover how to make my travels and experiences further enrich my life and enrich yours as well.