The World Traveled Mission Statement


The World Traveled aims to inspire and motivate with an authentic voice and from real life experiences helping you find your passion.

  • Dream
  • Imagine
  • Go with intent.
  • Live without fear.
  • Define what gives you purpose.
  • Ask questions. Seek out the answers.
  • Don’t wait for it. You can Make it happen
  • Take the steps to needed to see the world.
  • Explore yourself and the world around you.
  • Use your senses. See, hear, touch, smell, taste.
  • Don’t live on the sideline. Jump in and experience life.
  • Be a positive, committed ambassador of your home country.
  • Be loyal to those you meet on the road. You only have your word.
  • Be determined to learn something new every day and never give up.
  • Find your inner passion. What drives you? What makes your heart full?
  • Be open to possibilities and be willing to do what it takes to live your dream.
  • Experience cultures new, different and exciting. Learn about those around you.
  • Be adventurous. Let your inner self be guided by the unknown and the unexplored.
  • Desire and faith will lead you to experiences greater than anything you could ever imagine.