Adventures Await!


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Antarctica      Easter Island      Australia

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[col class=”span4″]Antarctica Make the journey to the bottom of the world and explore the massive drifting ice sheet of Antarctica.[/col]
[col class=”span4″]Easter IslandExplore the Polynesian Moai on one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.[/col]
[col class=”span4″]Australia – Offering every scenery imaginable, the adventures of this massive country are endless and awe-inspiring.[/col]


UgandaBorder      Ethiopia      Bhutan

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[col class=”span4″]Uganda– Nothing compares to the overwhelming joy of coming face-to-face with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla[/col][col class=”span4″]Ethiopia Known as Mankind’s Cradle of Civilization, Ethiopia’s History is eye-opening and the cultures of the South…Magnificent.[/col][col class=”span4″]Bhutan This Himalayan wonder, tucked between China and india, will offer peace, beauty and happiness.[/col][/row]

Papua New Guinea      Cuba      Kenya

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[col class=”span4″]Papua New Guinea – A tropical and diving paradise with culture, music, dance and festivals that will enchant your senses.[/col]
[col class=”span4″]Cuba Rooted in culture, arts and history, locals will promise welcome smiles to share all that Cuba has to offer.[/col]
[col class=”span4″]Kenya & Tanzania – A game drive through the African plains leaves one feeling humbled with a new appreciation and love of nature.[/col]