Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

Tigers Nest  Kids  Rinpung Dzong

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Vist the colorful and festive Paro and Thimphu Festivals for the ultimate cultural experience! Please call The World Traveled today to design your custom tour itinerary!

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[col class=”span6″]Taktsang Monastery (Tigers Nest)

  • This Paro landmark will take your breath away as you reach the peak witnessing the awe inspiring view
  • Tigers Nest Monastery is a sacred religious site that clings to granite cliffs.
  • It is revered for being the first Buddhist site in the country

[col class=”span6″] Rinpung Dzong

  • The Dzong built in 1644 on the banks of the Paro River commands vistas and view of the city and surroundings
  • The interior mural and elaborate wood carvings are very elaborate
  • The Dzong is a perfect rest and meditation stop before your climb to Tigers Nest


Chele La Pass Monks Kichu Lakhang

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[col class=”span6″] Chele La Pass 

  • This is the highest point on the Dantak Road on the way to the Haa Valley
  •  View snow capped peaks aligned with colorful prayer flags singing in the wind

[col class=”span6″] Kichu Lakhang

  • This is the oldest Monastery built by the Tibetan King during the 7th Century
  • The oranges that grow in the courtyard all year long are said to be a blessing from God
  • Kichu Lakhang is a practicing location for Guru Rinpoche


The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan is nestled among the stunning Himalayas between India and China. Bhutan, called the happiest country on Earth holds tightly to its Buddhist roots, serving its people and placing the highest regard on quality of life.

The culture holds a deep respect for its inhabitants as well as foreign visitors known only to the lucky few that have experienced it firsthand. Bhutan’s indigenous cultures have stood the test of time as outside influences have been kept at bay so the people continue to live in harmony. Even the single traffic light that had been installed was removed for infiltrating the natural beauty. That light was replaced with a traffic monitor.

The daily tourist tariff is a small price to pay to be one of the lucky few to experience and appreciated all that Bhutan has to offer.

Special tours are offered for March 31 – April 6th for the beautiful and colorful Paro Festival

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