Carnival Triumph Eastern Caribbean Talent Show Poem

The Carnival Triumph

Written by Elisa Kotin and Jeff


It’s a story,

Of the Carnival Triumph,

That was sailing on October 25th,

There were three stops,

In the Caribbean,

Will it be love or myth?


So the singles on the ship all had their t-shirts,

The first party was like a great big candy store,

Dancing on the tables,

And so much drinking,

And wanting so much more.


The first show that we attended was so funny,

John picked victims from the audience to play,

Aquila’s Hell No,

Bout her husbands romance,

Got leaps of love from Frank.


But the kicker was our Little Willy Banger,

Who wanted nothing but to get off stage and pee,

But he hung in there,

Then dropped his trousers,

And we saw how happy he could be.


So the first stop that we made was Puerto Rico,

Senior Frog’s was just as crazy as could be,

Shots & Shooters and crazy dancing,

Just one huge drunk party.


But we got up the next day to see St. Thomas,

Once again there was so much to see and do,

We went snorkeling,

And we went sailing,

Some shopped for someone new.


In the evening as we voyaged to St. Maarten,

We dressed in white for what we called our big fright night,

At the mid-point,

Of our adventure,

In search of Mr. or Mrs. right.



In St. Maarten they had a beach bash singles party,

Then we re-boarded to get ready for tonight,

Lot’s of nerves,

And contemplation,

Would we get it right?


So the next big night a big ole costume party,

Will we recognize the friends we’ve made so far,

We’ll have the last night,

On open waters,

And drinking at the bar.


Well we had our fun with new friends that we all met,

But on Saturday we’ll have to say goodbye,

There will be lot’s of phone exchanging, hugs & kisses,

Even tears in our eyes.


All that’s left now is to say a great big thank you,

Barry, Brenda, Debbie, Mike & Mark (bow) to you,

And all the Carnival staff,

You’re really awesome,

You’re great and thanks to you!

Well I’m home now and it seems so far away now,

Was I really on the ship last week at all,

Sitting at my desk,

With all my daydreams,

I really had a ball.


I have happy memories of new friends I met,

Some I know I’ll stay in touch with for so long,

Michelle & Peggy,

Elaine and Nancy,

They even made it in my song.


Well my trip was oh so special to remember,

It was more than I could ever dream it be,

Jeff I say thank you,

You’re really special,

You made it everything to me.





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