Egypts Mysteries in Poem


This is my entry to win a trip to Egypt!!

Mysteries abound pyramids and more,
Egypt offers sites galore.

Unknown treasures, tombs so cold,
Hieroglyphic stories told.

Sahara’s floor, red desert dust,
Giza Camel ride a must.

Sarcophagus buried beneath the earth,
Pharaohs awaiting their new birth.

The Ankh – Egyptian symbol of life,
Dynasties and Kingdoms survived such Strife.

Sun God Ra, Scarab revered,
Dung Beetle worshiped, respectfully feared.

Akhet horizon with spread out wings,
Overlooks, gazes on Valley of the Kings.

Alexandria, Luxor, Cairo to visit,
A dream, a distant fantasy, or is it?

Nile secrets, remarkable past,
Egypt’s memories will always last!