Fiji Postcard

First Fiji Postcard

G’Day Mates,

Well I have not written since Nov. 19. I believe I was just going to Fiji.  I believed I was near tears leaving Auckland. I really loved New Zealand. It gave me some of my best travel memories ever.

Well, I arrived in Fiji on Nov 22 and it was like my holiday from my holiday. It was definitely more relaxing than New Zealand. I spent 5 nights at a lovely resort on the main island. I spent one day on a tour going to a great Fijian Cultural Center and wildlife conservation park. I held a few snakes, birds and lizards. One day I spent on a tall sailing ship cruising past many beautiful secluded islands to the island where Tom Hanks filmed Cast Away and spent a few hours snorkeling and roaming over there. As they only have 4 channels (none of which I wanted to watch), I spent some evenings clubbing and met some really fun people. Then I spent 4 nights on a Captain Cook Cruise through the Yasawa Islands. That was great. Not much to do but eat, snorkel, explore villages and relax. The sun was really hot so usually after the morning snorkel I was too tired to do the afternoon one. I just napped and read. The sun really wipes me out. It is amazing how I notice it more and more each time I have to be in it.

I had some fantastic village trips and visited schools where the kids sang for the guests and I participated in some Kava festivals. That is the traditional drink for the Fijians that makes them a bit high. You show respect not in the drinking of it but by trying to hold back the disgusting faces one tends to make after tasting it. Yuck. It was really bad. And, yes, I did it 3 times. I’m very respectful. It did not make me high at all just sick to my stomach from the taste. Oh yes, it also makes your tongue go completely numb.

Anyway, one day we went to The Blue Lagoon, where Brooke Shields filmed The Blue Lagoon and I swam in the cave where part of the movie was done. It was really great until I heard about the sea lice. By then it was too late cause they had already bit me in more places then I would have liked. The bites hurt too and itch like crazy. The rest of it was lovely and I enjoyed it very much. For me it is not the most ideal holiday because you are in the sun so much and since I can’t enjoy that, I am always covered up or indoors. But I’m glad I went. You would have loved it. The weather was gorgeous and there was nothing to do but lie in the sun drinking tropical drinks and go clubbing at night. Me, I relaxed in the shade with orange juice and went out at night just a bit.

Well that is all from Fiji. I’m looking forward to seeing what new adventures await me. So Dec 1, I am flying to Auckland to do some last minute shopping and planning before returning to Adelaide, Australia on Dec. 3.

Always in my thoughts and prayers.



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