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Social Impact Travel 

Traveling itself can be life changing but what if your travel changed someone else’s life?

What if by fulfilling your dream, you were fulfilling a dream for a child, or woman, or village? There are so many ways to make your travel more meaningful.

When you go on your dream safari to Africa, instead of showing beautiful photos of wildlife to your friends, tell them the story of how you helped to save the big cats because night crews would be hired to protect the wildlife from poachers. Share your story of South American children reading to you from the books you brought to their classroom. Bring the gift of music and the arts into a teenagers life. Dance and sing with youth that dream of sharing their musical gifts with the world. Be the very first that inspired their talent and bring home videos of the joy and hope you created among them. Include a home stay in Vietnam and set up a mosquito net, that you personally bring to a child, so they can sleep at night without the fear of contracting Malaria.

The World Traveled encourages you to enrich your travels with hands on experiences.

Venture into the world for a once-in-a-lifetime, experience that you will never forget!
Together we can save lives and change them forever!

– Elisa Kotin

Organizations That Make a Difference

WWF Collage AmericanRedCross American Cancer Society
Direct Relief  Contact these amazing organizations to donate and
volunteer and find out how you can make a difference. 
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