South America Poem

South American Odyssey

At the airport in clusters,

Just finding our way,

A bus full of strangers,

Growing closer each day.

Buenos Aires,

A city not to forget,

Some more than others,

Hope the mustard doesn’t set.

All different backgrounds,

Thirteen countries in all,

Such a diverse group,

The world is really quite small.

Then onto the Andes,

The mountains we climbed,

Beautiful snow capped peaks,

Chile was a great time.

Cruising down the Amazon,

Was a great way to start,

Some caught Pirhanas,

Brazil touched our hearts.

Santiago was here,

And was time for good-byes,

To some of our gang,

Some wanted to cry.

Who could forget Rio,

Certainly not me,

Drink again on a plane,

Next time only tea.

A highlight for me,

Was coming up close,

Machu Picchu was next,

And I loved it the most.

The Rio harbor,

A site yes it was,

Corcovado and Sugar Loaf,

Impressive just because.

Then we all got a kick,

Of seeing small, happy faces,

Just from soap and shampoo,

It’s hard to believe there are such places.

Then we climbed up some more,

To the Inca’s empire,

Cuzco and Pisac,

We were going even higher.

Some loved the history,

The landscapes, the sea,

Some loved the shopping,

And rocks most like me.

Iguazu falls,

Was grand indeed,

The majestic beauty,

Left us feeling so pleased.

One more thing to mention,

That was wonderfully fair,

The perfect weather,

Followed us everywhere.

South American Odyssey Cont. 

But as a group,

I must confess,

I adored you all,

You were the best.

Then there’s Julianne,

With her cane and a glass,

And Dene her caretaker,

So she wouldn’t fall on her _ss.

So today we part,

And I wanted to say,

Thank you all for the memories,

That are here to stay.

Chris & Hetti,

You were easy to spot,

A casino table,

Hope your streak was hot.

There is something great,

To say about each one of you,

But I am so jet lagged,

I’ve chosen only a few.

Forest and Walter,

Each and every day,

No one knew what to expect,

You went about your own way.

Sarah so lovely,

And pleasant, her way,

Freddy so bubbly,

And smiles all day.

Ross, you were,

Upbeat and fun,

A one of kind,

Second to none.

Loli and Florin,

So friendly and kind,

Andrew and Elizabeth,

Your humor drove me

Out of my mind.

Joe and Marian,

I saved you for last,

You really made,

My trip a blast.

Gary & Sandy,

Were quiet and sweet,

Kanti & Parag,

Kept us laughing in our seats.

And last but not least,

To Kim, what can I say,

You did an excellent job,

Showing all of us the way!

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