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Antarctica Awaits

Join the expedition trip of a lifetime! Journey through the raw wilderness of rich white landscapes. Relish vast, pristine scenery as you kayak the great seas of the Antarctic and camp on the ice. Playful penguins will make your heart sing and your feet dance. Call to book today! More »

Easter Island - Moai Mysteries

Easter Island is remote and fascinating. Known for the monolithic human Moai Sculptures, the offers beaches, historic archaeological sites, festivals and more to delight and intrigue you. More »

The Best of San Diego Adventures

Let The World Traveled create a cultural tour customized just for you. Come face-to-face with local tribesmen, partake in beautiful traditions and immerse yourself in colorful cultural festivals! More »

It is all about the people you meet along the way!

Experience the raw wilderness. Come face-to-face with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla in Uganda or Rwanda. Track tigers on elephant back in India. Balloon over the Serengeti. Spot a sleeping sloth in Costa Rica. What animal do you long to see in the wild? More »

Wildlife Encounters

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Bhutan is a must see destination in 2015!

Vist the colorful and festive Paro and Thimphu Festivals for the ultimate cultural experience! Call to design your custom tour today! More »


Carnival Cruise Vacation on the Imagination

Carnival Cruise

Take a Carnival Cruise Vacation on the Imagination with “The World Traveled” Carnival Cruise Description Carnival Cruise and The World Traveled Meetup Group join together on January 15th for a fabulous 4 day Carnival Cruise vacation. We will set sail out of Long Beach

Omo Valley Village Exchange

Photographing tribes in the Omo Valley was the reason for the trip. I hoped for a personal exchange with the Mursi women as their culture could not be further from my own. We are by all senses complete opposites. Traveling

Helicopter to Kar Kar – Papua New Guinea

Preparing to leave the Los Angeles heat, I packed up my gear, my peanut butter and guidebook and was off to the South Pacific. This was a 6 1/2 month trip that included Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and

Hit By a Gorilla in the Jungles of Rwanda

Dreams give hope and meaning. We cannot thrive without them. When you finally come face-to-face with a long time dream, you never quite know how much it will impact you. On the 5th day of January, 2009, I really had

Rafting the Nile in Uganda – Surviving “The Bad Place”

Rafting the Nile in Uganda – Surviving the Bad Place Journal Entry January 15, 2009 – My 43rd Birthday This entry will be short as it is my birthday and I have a full day ahead. But after yesterday, I needed

Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

     Photos courtesy of Trip Advisor    The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan is nestled among the stunning Himalayas between India and China. Bhutan, called the happiest country on Earth holds tightly to its Buddhist roots, serving its people and placing the